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Laughter spreads quickly. It makes us feel better, improves our moods, and strengthens our relationships with those we share it with. So why wouldn’t we seize every opportunity we get to laugh at a joke? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of (clean) jokes for both kids and adults that the whole family will enjoy.

That’s not all, though. Along with the many funny jokes listed below, we also have jokes for moms, jokes for kids, jokes for holidays, and jokes for dads. You can share any of these jokes with the youngest person in the room.

Be prepared: Some of the next material is extremely punny. Some may even cause you to rolled your eyes. But if we’re being completely honest, who doesn’t laugh at cheesy jokes? Don’t say we didn’t warn you; some people might even make you laugh so hard that you cry. Many of them are one-liners, so you can remember them to tell them over and over again. Your kids can also tell their friends about them, possibly years from now. Now, prepare to create some laughter-filled memories with these 70 hysterically funny jokes!

We can make our happy life with Funny Jokes. This is the best way to entertain our family and friends that also care of our health.